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If you’re new to mixing patterns, you may be feeling some trepidation. Those masterfully designed rooms you see in glossy design magazines look almost unattainably perfect. But that’s not what we’re going for here. I mean, who really lives like that anyway? Our philosophy behind mixing patterns is really quite simple: add more color, more pattern and more personality to your space.

I’m not a huge fan of rules, but I will be sharing some techniques and tricks over the coming weeks to help you get started. Today’s tip is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Start with a large scale, fairly simple pattern that uses three colors (or more is fine, too). Pick something you really love as it will be the foundation of your pattern collection and can set the tone for your entire space. (Read last week’s design tip for more on this.)

2. Select a second pattern that’s roughly half the scale of the first but shares at least two of the same colors, plus introduces a new color.

3. Add a third pattern that shares at least one color with the first two patterns and introduces another new color to the palette.

              To illustrate, I’ve chosen three patterns by our very own Yvette Marie Jones. I started with her Glam Wild pattern. This type of statement print makes a great foundation and sets a cool, modern mood.

              Working with its charcoal, teal and cream palette, I selected Glam Preppy for my second pattern. Per step 2, it’s smaller in scale, shares the same teal and cream colors, plus adds a third color, the light gray. 

              For my third pattern, I chose Glam Retro. It incorporates the teal, cream and grays from Glam Wild and Glam Preppy and introduces pink to the palette.


              Easy peasy, right? And here’s a little secret: Choosing patterns from the same artist like I did is a great way to get started. Many of our artists, as well as traditional textile manufacturers, present patterns as part of a cohesive collection, so everything is made to work together.

              Have questions or comments about today’s tip? Please post them in the comments section or on our Facebook page.